Public engagement

Public engagement covers the many ways we connect, share and involve the public with our work locally, nationally and internationally.

Public engagement is supported by our institutional strategic goal of social responsibility and is embedded in our research and teaching. 

Gold Engage Watermark

We’re committed to encouraging, supporting and rewarding public engagement and in 2018 the University was awarded a Gold Engage Watermark from the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). This award recognises "exceptional strategic leadership of public engagement, high standards of professional support and excellence in partnership working".

Public engagement strategy

Our public engagement plan sets out our vision to carry out high-quality engagement. We aim to create a supportive environment for our staff and students to engage, understand and work with diverse audiences and their needs, and to evidence the impact of our work. 

Our approach

To carry out meaningful engagement, we listen to and work with diverse audiences to share ideas and inspire discussion, debate and creativity. Our approach to engagement is underpinned by key principles of partnership, collaboration, inclusion and reflection. Our activities encompass patient involvement in research and teaching, volunteering, mutual partnerships, citizen science, festivals, widening participation and policy engagement.

Inspiring communities plan

As a major ‘anchor institution’ in our city region of Greater Manchester, our Local Community Social Engagement Plan sets out how we can inspire our local communities and how they inspire us. We aim to deepen the involvement and engagement between the University and our local communities through opportunities to meet, share knowledge, collaborate and inspire for mutual benefit.